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Become a Paratha Box Franchisee

Paratha Box brings home-cooked quality to the table. Each order is freshly made in front of our customers with traditional recipes to give the real desi experience.

Paratha Box is expanding fast. We are providing the Paratha Box experience across the UK and would love for you to be a part of our journey.

Have we caught your eye?

We are taking details of those interested in becoming a Paratha Box franchisee. We will expect our franchisees to carry on with the same devotion and love as we have built with our own stores. What are we looking for?

  1. You have to demonstrate the love of parathas!
  2. Those who strive to provide the highest standard of service.
  3. Will commit to a minimum of three stores.

A company based on fairness and clarity

We have been working hard to create a business model that would provide consistency and clarity for our franchisees.

Initial Costs
Cost (ex.VAT)
Franchise fee
Fee for 3 stores. We will work with you to open the 2 additional stores within 24 to 36 months of opening the first one.
Store design pack
Required to provide actual costs and design of the store. At this stage we will provide the store fit out costs for both options as outlined below.
Store fit out
Two options (a) we can do it for you for a fee, or (b) you can build it yourself to our specification. Costs might vary depending on store size.
Legal fees
Typical fees to complete a commercial transaction.
Location premium
A landlord might charge a premium to be in certain locations.
Planning consent fees
Paratha Box will require a hot food consent, for locations that do not have this there will be planning / council fees.
TOTAL (circa)
Cost (ex.VAT)
Royalty and Marketing fee
Royalty fixed fee of £3,981.25 (ex VAT) per month. Which is charged quarterly in advance.

Fixed versus Royalty why?

We believe that its easier and clearer for business owners to manage their cash flows with fixed fee’s rather than having a percentage royalty.

We have calculated our fees based on the minimum number of sales we would expect any of our stores to do. For example, take a typical franchise scenario with a company that charges 5% royalty fee and 3% marketing fee.

Typical Franchise Fees (Per Week)
Paratha Box Fees (Per Week)
Your Savings (Per Week)
p/week sales
Royalty fee
Marketing fee
Total p/w


The costs above are based on a typical Paratha Box store. These prices are for UNITED KINGDOM only, international franchise costs will vary. All figures are forecasted and as such does not constitute any guarantees of any kind whatsoever. Figures are provided to demonstrate potential and not actual. The information provided does not constituent an offer of contract and is made without liability to Paratha Box. This should not be relied upon in deciding whether or not to invest in a Paratha Box franchise.